Michelle Leslie

Michelle LeslieHappy endings for druggie Michelle Leslie as she is released from jail after being convicted of drug offences in Bali.

Yes, you read that right. She was convicted and let go. Her lawyers agrued that she be classed as an adict which carries a lighter sentence, in this case 3 months. Since she has already served 3 months awaiting trial she was released very soon after sentencing.

During the trial she was also found to be in possession of large amounts of Islam, but I’ll bet as soon as she steps foot in Australia she will be free of that as well.

Happy endings, or only the beginning. News reports say she has already organised to be married to her millionaire boyfriend. The broadcast and print media exclusives promise to pay handsomely, as do the offers from the likes of Ralph and Playboy.

Good on ya, Michelle. At least for the last three months you’ve had your face on more covers that you had ever dreamed.