Journey Home

So I’m here in Singapore airport with 7 hours to kill before my flight home to Perth. San Francisco to Seoul was a pain in the arse at 11.5 hours, but I watched three good movies. I think I even got a little sleep.

Seoul to Singapore was not too bad. I can’t remember getting out of my seat so I must have been fairly comfortable.

Singapore to Perth sees me sitting in the coveted exit seat. Praise the maker! According to the internet checkin I used, there is no window on this one so the plane must be a different type to the one I took from SFO because those exit seats had windows. Oh well, small price to pay for an extra few cm of legroom, and nobody in front of you reclining their chair.

Back home to see my family soon. Ashton sounds like she really missed me. Suzanne did it a bit tough I think, but she won’t let on too much. Jett is probably too young to even notice that I was gone. Anyhow it will be good to see them all.