Google Earth tells me that I am 14754 km from home. That’s a long way. It tells me that I flew 17607 km, going from Perth via Singapore and Seoul to San Francisco. I hated every km. That’s a lot of hatred.

AFL Grand Final

Cousins BrownlowSo, it’s West Coast v Sydney for the AFL Grand Final. And here I am stuck in California. I also found that Ben Cousins won the Brownlow, one vote ahead of Daniel Kerr. I wonder where Suzanne will be spending next Sunday afternoon? I might be able to find a sports bar around here that knows what AFL is, so I might yet be able to watch it. I might even be able to listen to Roy and H.G. call the game.


I’m in Seoul. Either I’m at a different airport to last time or this airport has had extensive renovations and extensions. It’s freaking huge, and very busy. Damn internet isn’t free either. One more leg of the journey, now boarding.

US support rotation

I’m currently at Changi, waiting to get on SQ16 to San Fancisco where I will spend two weeks in tech support for OSIsoft.

I am pretty tired already, but I have another 20 hours in the air. I hope I don’t go too insane.

Changi is nice. I haven’t found an A380 yet. I wanna find one of those babies.

I miss my family, but the little web cam should make life easier.