Bogut #1 NBA Draft Pick

Andrew Bogut draftedAndrew Bogut’s rise towards basketball superstardom took another giant step today when Milwaukee Bucks chose the Australian first overall in the 2005 NBA Draft.

As expected the Victorian-born 20-year-old surpassed Australia’s previous highest draft choice Luc Longley, who was Minnesota’s seventh overall pick back in 1991.

As a No.1 pick Bogut will receive a guaranteed three-year contract worth in excess of $14 million and his agent David Bauman believes Bogut will earn more than $100 million over his career before endorsements.

Bogut raised a fist in celebration when NBA Commissioner David Stern read his name out as the No.1 pick at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

“I’m just taking that deep breath,” Bogut said.

“It’s surreal to me still. I think I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and have a better realisation.

“It’s just a dream come true.”

Poor old Shane Warne

Shane WarneWhat is it with this guy? He has been given so many chances but still insists on completely humiliating himself and his wife. I remember a few weeks ago he was on 60 minutes he got a whole segment devoted to him about how great he is and how he is a changed man, loves his family, would never smoke again blah blah blah. What a sickening buch of sacherine we were served up. It’s clear that this guy is a just a fat balding bozo who’s life is empty despite his fame and fortune.

Bus stop

So, they finally built a shelter at my bus stop. It’s good to keep out of the rain, and also shelters me from the cold, cold wind. It’s been pretty cold the last few mornings.