Episode 3

Revenge of the Sith starts tonight. I am pretty excited. I wish that Suzanne would at least get partly excited. I am taking the day off work tomorrow and we are going to see it mid morning. I am too old to see the midnight screening tonight.

By all reports this is the best of the three prequel movies. Of course, the whole story of the Palpatines rise to power, the birth of the Galactic Empire, and Anakin Skywalker losing his soul gives a lot of good material to cover, and also makes for a long movie.

I have a particular affinity for Anakin, I think, at least as far as it parallels the story of the Prodigal Son. The Prodigal Son didn’t crush people throats with the Force and didn’t use Death Star Battlestations to destroy entire planets but Like him, Vader did eventually come around to the good side again and redeem himself. Seeing how Anakin got tempted, turned, and exploited is going to be interesting, as is the process by which the Republic loses it’s freedoms bit by bit and transforms into the Empire. I believe this is a least partly a mirror of what is happening today in the world, particularly in the US and to a lesser degree here in Australia and in the UK.

I really must start blogging more. At least once a week should suffice.