So, we missed another ANZAC day dawn service. Like we were ever going to get up. Maybe next year one of us can take Ashton, as she will be 3 ½, but I think Jett might not get anything out of it being so young.

I am a bit confused about the whole Gallipoli myth. I need someone to explain it to me. Apparently this campaign was the birth of the Australian Nation if you believe the press. As far as I can see it was a military disaster. The only good to come of it was the execution of the Australia retreat which I understand was conducted quickly with a minimum of casualties. I think a lot of people are convinced that Australia was the only army involved, but in fact the British were there too, as were the French, the Indians, the Gurkhas, the Bangladeshis, the New Zealanders. And obviously the Turks.

Over the last few years, Gallipoli has been invaded again by Australians making a pilgrimage, of sorts, to the memorials in Turkey. I wonder what the Turks think of all this. Probably the same thing Australians would think if the French or Germans or Japanese erected memorials on Australian soil where they lost troops.

Oh yeah. The Pope was a Nazi.

New Star Wars Toys

On April 2 I got up early and made my way to Toys R Us in Cannington. Going by the buzz on the forums, I thought there would be a lot of people there waiting for the doors to open to go get their new toys. Indeed, in the US/Cananda and a handful of TRU stores over east, they opened up at midnight the night before for what they called Midnight Madness.

As it happens, even though it was 8:30 am here in Perth I was still got to see the toys on sale before anyone in the US.

As it happens, I was the only one there. I thought for sure that there would be more people, but I must be the only Star Wars fan south of the river.

I got my Vader, Padme and one Anakin, but the other #28 Anakin was the only figure I could not find. Mind you I didn’t go through the list and check them all off but he was a notable absence.
I was still the only one in there when I checked out and left, about 20 mins later after checking out the other toys.