vittoriSo Roberto Vittori is getting another ride to the International Space Station as part of the TMA-6 crew alongside the Soyuz Commander and Roskosmos cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and NASA astronaut John Phillips. This is scheduled for a April 2005 liftoff. Vittori will remain on the ISS for 10 or so days and will accompany the current crew in the TMA-5 vehicle as they land in Russia.

The mission is called ENEIDE and takes its name from the epic tale written by the Latin poet Virgil in the 1st century BC. This story tells of the journey of Aeneas from Troy to Italy and the foundation of Rome.

ENEIDE, an ESA mission, is co-sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Lazio Region, with the support of Finmeccanica, FILAS and the Rome Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA). Many of the experiments are being developed by Italian researchers and built by Italian industry and research institutions.


So, Chris won Survivor Vanuatu. This is good because he is a most deserving winner. He played it pretty well in the end. Making it to the final four, he sent home Eliza leaving him with the drugged out hippy Scout, and the loud-mouthed butch Twila. How could he lose. He did the right thing in sending Scout home, because during the final voting Twila proved herself to be hopelessly inept at gaining favour with the jury. Where Twila refused to give apologies when asked and in fact gave derision and abuse, Chris at least appeared to be humble. This gained him enough sympathy to get the two needed votes from the girls to add the the guys votes to win the million bux.