What about Miriam?

MiriamI can’t get over this “Something About Miriam” show. I haven’t seen it, but I have heard about it. Six boofy blokes compete to woo a hot chick, $10000 and a week long cruise.

Only, the chick ain’t a chick. She’s a pre-op transexual.

I’m a bit torn on this issue, if there is an issue at all with this show. One one hand, I can’t believe that the producers would be willing to subject those seven people to such humiliation. Sure the chick is one hot babe, but once the chosen bloke finds out she’s a man he is going to reject her.

On the other hand, this all makes rather entertaining TV.

But this is the whole issue, at least to me personally. Why would I take delight in someone being humiliated, especially in front of an audience of millions? Am I that shallow that I can only find entertainment at the expense of others emotions?

And how can TV entertainment in general come to this? I think this is crossing the line, even for “Reality TV”, which is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

iiNet Support

So, I got a response from a support email I sent to iiNet today. Not bad, except I sent the email two weeks ago, and the information in it is wrong. Standards must have dropped considerably since I left. The supervisors can’t be too concerned about performance any more if they can let an email rot for two weeks.

New torturers, just like the old ones

Lindie EnglandThis is the face of evil. Her parents may think she’s just a nice country girl. Other defenders say she is good hearted, and publicity surrounding the photos of her are unfairly portraying her. These photos involve her holding an Iraqi prisoner on a dog’s leash at Abu Ghraib prison, posing in front of hooded prisoners, and having sex with numerous partners. I’m not sure the publicity is really needed; the photos have done a good job of portraying her.

Many sources, included her friends, parents and government and military personel are quoted as saying these pictures aren’t that bad, people are over reacting, what’s the bid deal?

Americans wonder why people hate them so much. These images, and others of prisoners being tortured, degraded, mutilated and humiliated can’t really be defended.

Other abuses are listed in the Taguba Report.


American TortureSo the evils of Baghdads Abu Ghraib prison continue, but this time under the tutelage of American soldiers. Stories of Iraqi citizens being bound, beaten, cursed, made to parade around naked… This picture shows a cloaked prisoner standing on a box with wires attached to his hands. He was told if he moved off the box he would be electrocuted. Apparently, six U.S. soldiers — all officers or noncommissioned officers — received reprimands. They beat and tortured prisoners for hours on end, and when the media discovered it their masters told them “Naughty, naughty soldiers. You better not do it again”.

Part of the justification of America invading Iraq (after the whole WMD argument started falling through) was to stop these kinds of abuses of the Iraqi people by the evil Iraqi government. Well, mission accomplished. The Iraqi government is no longer humiliating, beating, torturing and killing Iraqis. The job is being done now by the Americans.

I can only hope the the Australian forces stationed there will be brought home soon.

Still no sign of those WMDs.