The case of the unlevel fence

Our picket fence was put in last week, but it is quite noticeably not level. It’s 15 cm higher at one end than in the middle, and since the fence is only 12 m wide it just looks ridiculous. I called the clowns responsible at Residential Fencing and their excuse was that the ground wasn’t level. If the ground isn’t level then the fence isn’t going to be level. I could almost hear her say “duh!”, but lucky she didn’t. The estate agent from Landcorp has taken up our cause and asked me for something in writing. I have confidence that he will secure us a positive outcome. The only real outcome is that the fence be taken down and redone.

I really object to the attitude of Residential Fencing. If they had contacted us before they installed the fence to make sure that the ground was level, then we would have had a chance to do it ourselves. But it’s not unreasonable to assume that minor leveling such as this would be carried out by the contractor. If he didn’t want to do any leveling, then common sense would tell you to dig the posts deeper into the ground at one end than the other. It’s just laziness from Residential Fencing.

100 greatest movie characters of all time

So, Premiere magazine released their 100 Greatest Movie characters of all time. Having put a bit of thought into it, here’s my own list of the Greatest movie characters:

  1. Roy Batty, Blade Runner
  2. Darth Vader, Star Wars
  3. The Terminator, The Terminator
  4. Gollum, Lord of the Rings
  5. Gunnery Seargent Hartman, Full Metal Jacket
  6. Doctor Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs
  7. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Arc
  8. Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint, The Usual Suspects
  9. Yoda, Star Wars
  10. Alexander de Large, A Clockwork Orange
  11. Rocky Balboa, Rocky
  12. Ordell Robbie, Jackie Brown
  13. John Doe, Seven
  14. Captain-Lieutenant Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, Das Boot
  15. Maximus, Gladiator
  16. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

I’ve left off some rather obvious choices like James Bond, but I was never really into the Bond movies. I’ve noticed that some of the characters are ambiguous, or bipolar, in their intentions about good and evil. Roy Batty saved Deckard at the end of Blade Runner, Anakin Skywalker became the evil Darth Vader who then redeemed himself at the end of Return of the Jedi, Gollum faced inner turmoil with Smeagol. At a stretch, you could even argue John Doe was an OK guy by trying to stop evils the same as the police though by different, shocking means. As to what I consider greatness, I really can’t explain. For some characters, it the development of that character throughout the movie, eg Vader or Alex. For some characters, it’s related to the technical aspects of animation, eg Yoda and Gollum. For others, such as Lara Croft, it’s just the characters ass-kicking ability.

Cheating on Posh?

Victoria BeckhamWould you cheat on this woman? She might have a completely fake, surgically enhanced body, little singing ability and an annoying accent but she’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always said that celebrity marriages never last. Celebrities marry celebrities for the wrong reasons, including money or more celebrity. Celebrities should try marrying for love.

Moving in

So, we finally moved into our new house which is almost finished. By almost, I mean the only things needed now are the garage door (which is on order and will be installed this week) and the front and rear landscaping. We can live without landscaping a while, though, and just bask in our new house. It really is a good feeling that we are finally over the line. It was good of Suzanne’s parents to offer us the opportunity to live in their house, and I think we should do something nice for them. Relations became a bit strained towards the end there I think, but everyone survived which is good.

Expedition 9 has blasted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, along with the ESA’s Delta mission. Another patch to collect!

We have the keys

We got the keys for our house last week! YAY! There is still a bit to do before we can actually move in. Last week, the tiles and the blinds were put in. Over the weekend the painters did their thing. Over the next day or two we have the carpets and vinyl going in, and the concrete being poured out the back. I have Thursday and Friday off, which is when we will be doing the actual moving in part, and we hope to spend the weekend in our new house!

The paint looks good, but I still say we could have saved ourselves a few grand and done it ourselves. Oh well, it’s only money. Not like it’s important oe anything.

If I can get my Foreign Exchange trading skills honed, it really won’t matter.