Why Do People Hate America?

So, I’ve been reading this book called Why Do People Hate America?. I think every American should read it, if nothing more than to find more out more about themselves. Here are some of the more obvious reasons:

  • The US has been financing domestic growth through the savings of the rest of the world.
  • The US denies democratic control over their own economic destinies to over two thirds of the world’s population. Most of the world has no say in the IMF and little power in the WTO.
  • The US interprets “trade liberalisation” to mean one-way, open access for American multinationals and businesses.
  • The US systematically undermines the efforts of the least developed countries to combat poverty and feed their population by the use of massive tarriffs.
  • The US has consistently worked to bring down commodity prices in the developing world.
  • The US imposes unilateral coercive economic measure, otherwise known as sanctions, with regularity. In 1998 they had sanctions against 52% of the world’s population.

All this is just commonly known US foreign policy. I’m not going to go into their movies, music, and other cultural idiocy.