Historic Chinese space flight

YangYang Liwei landed this morning in Mongolia after his historic flight. Yang was carried away from the spacecraft in a seat and looked a bit wobbly and dazed on state television coverage of the event. Official reports from Xinhua say Yang “was confirmed to remain in good health” after his 21-hour stint in orbit.

The taikonaut soon left the landing site for a two-hour flight to the capital city of Beijing, the location of China’s control center, training facility and the home of Yang’s family. “The spaceship operated well. I feel very good and I am proud of my motherland,” he said.


I can feel my senses being a little dulled, my alertness a bit diluted over the last few weeks. Maybe I’m getting tired of waiting for our house to be built. Maybe I’m getting old. I mean, I’ve always felt the need to be reading books and surfing web pages to learn things. But in the last few weeks, that thirst for hunger has just given way to a bit too much apathy. I’ve felt happy just to veg and watch TV which doesn’t keep my mind very active at all.

Rugby World Cup

So the Rugby World Cup has started. The third biggest sporting event on the planet, and some of it is right here in Perth. The best game in Perth would be South Africa v England on October 18, but I think that it is already sold out. I should ask around for some tickets anyhow.

Canada, along with USA, is there to make up the numbers, really. Canada has won five WC games. USA has only one won. Smart money is on New Zealand to win, but I’d really like to see Australia take it.