Anakin Skywalker

Anakin SkywalkerHere is the man who will become Darth Vader in the final instalment of the Star Wars film series.

George Lucas’s sci-fi epic promises all manner of surprises as horrific circumstances ensure that Anakin Skywalker turns into the tortured Darth Vader. And, as this first picture shows, director Lucas has his designers on track to neatly jigsaw 2003′s Jedi Knight with 1977′s evil leader of the Death Star. The new, as yet untitled film, due for release in 2005, is actually Episode III in Lucas’s series, which began in 1977 with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Hence, Anakin Skywalker’s mane is showing a decidedly ’70s style. There’s no sign of a repeat of Princess Leia’s coffee scroll hair-do yet.

Slim Dusty dies

Slim Dusty died today. In 1958, Slim received Australia’s first Gold Record for a song called A Pub With No Beer, which he recorded in 1957. He was the first Australian to have an international hit record and the first singer in the world to have his voice beamed to earth from space.

Thirty-three years later he released his 50th record, The Golden Anniversary Album, which went multi-platinum in Australia.

In June this year, Dusty was recording his 106th album and at the time his management denied he was battling cancer.

Under Construction

Our house is finally under construction. Suzanne and I went down there last night, and we found that the foundation has been laid and the forming for the pad is in place. This is great news. It’s tangible evidence of what we are working towards and reward for some of the difficulties we are living with right now, including Suzanne working part time. Pictures to follow.

September 11 2003

So, it’s the second anniversary since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. A lot has happened in two years. The US, with the support of a few other countries, has invaded two other countries; hightened states of security have existed almost everywhere in the western world; Bush and his cronies have talked about the War on Terrorism. And yet Osama Bin Laden remains alive and well; Saddam Hussain remain at large; Jemmah Islamiah continues to grow in numbers on our doorstep, and killed a few hundred tourists in Bali; more US troops have died in Iraq since the end of the war than during the war as the citizens resist the invasion.

Haven’t heard much from the IRA though…

The War on Terrorism is a war against ghosts. There is no enemy but that which is created by the west, like 1984′s Goldstien. Bush’s motto may well be “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”