New phone, new network

So, I’m excited about getting a new phone on a new network. Pretty soon, I’ll be Telstra free. I’m going to get onto the new 3 network, which is a part of Orange and Hutchison Communications. They have an introductory offer where they are giving away a second phone for free. So, I’ve convinced Suzanne that this is the way to go. Essentially, our usage patterns will remain the same (we rarely ever call anyone except each other) but we’ll have these cool video phones, right out of Star Trek.


The first ten minutes of any call to any 3 Network phone are free, much like the 24/7 option by Telstra but they only offer 3 minutes on one number, not the entire network. We get $32 of Video calls included each month which is about 30 minutes. Voice calls to other networks are fairly inexpensive, so I think we are winners all round. All I need to do is break the contract with Suzannes phone and sell both our handsets on ebay. Should get $200 for both of them since they are in good condition and we still have the boxes.