Moving out

So, we did the big move last week. We hired an Avis truck and moved everything over the course of two days from our house in Stratton to my wife’s parents place. It’s amazing how much stuff we have, and at the same time how little we have. All out stuff pretty much fits in the carport shed.

Ashton hasn’t taken the move so well. I think it’s all too new for her, and for some reason she thinks we might leave her or something. She just cries all night which is really embarrassing because she has never done that with us in Stratton. But I think she will get used to it. It will just take time.

I do have some casualties though: most of my fish have died. I thik the water in Myaree is crap, and that’s what killing the fish. Besides that, the heater died so the water was a little cold for a while and I had to buy a new heater. The cheapest was $32.

We also signed the contracts to buy our house, and the settlement agency is sending us a big fat check for the equity from our house sale. We had paid off more than I thought, which is good. We have another $5000 to play with. It sounds like we are going to need it, given the cost of blinds and carpets and roller doors, all these extra things which aren’t included in the cost of the house.