Lightfoot on Primitives

So, Senator Ross Lightfoot is being taken to court over comments he made in an interview that were published in two newspapers about 5 years ago. I heard this on the radio, where they claimed he said that Australian aboriginals, in the period before colonisation, were the most primitive race on earth. West Australian woman Hannah McGlade objected to the comments and filed a complaint with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission which eventually landed in the Federal Court last December.

I tend to agree with the Senator on this. Most other cultures around the world have developed agriculture, animal domestication, permanent or semipermanent buildings, writing and the wheel. Aboriginals, in their 40000 year occupation of the Australian continent before European settlement, had developed none of these things. Besides rudimentary hunting tools such as the spear and the woomera, domestication of the dingo, and finger painting on rock walls, I haven’t heard any evidense that they developed anything more advanced.

I hope that Senator Lightfoot is not convicted of anything.