We bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner the other week. We got the DC03, a standup model instead of a little squat pull-along model. This thing rocks! As a test, we cleaned our large rug with our old vacuum cleaner twice in a row, thinking that it could not get cleaner. We were amazed when the Dyson pulled up a rather large handful of grey dust without any real effort at all. This was money well spent.

My sister Natalie came home this week. She didn’t tell my parents whe was coming. She wanted to keep it a surprise. I screwed the days up, and managed to leave her waiting at the airport for a few hours. We eventually got her home and surprised mum and dad the next day. Like those Mastercard ads say: Priceless.

Suzanne and I have a few weeks of holidays booked. We will more than likely spend the time at home in the garden. We plan on getting some roll-on lawn out the front, and perhaps a Japanese Zen rock garden out the back.