The NBL kicked off this weekend. Finally some good sport to sink my teeth into! I enjoy watching NBL more than NBA. The American brand of basketball is not as good as it once was. Just ask Lithuania. Not that I am bitter about the Boomers not winning a medal in Sydney. Far from it. But it was good to see the Americans pushed to within one shot. If they had lost, they would not have been able to return home because the media would have ripped them apart. The only difference between the US and world basketball right now is the money.

I was amused to learn that Ray Owes has joined the Tigers. He and Bradtke will be an imposing force in the paint this season. Owes and Bradtke have lead the NBL in rebounds per game at one time or another over the last 5 years.

So, who am I going for this year? I will be supporting the Tigers. Who do I think will win? The Titans will be in the finals and will probably dominate later in the season. Canberra will be lucky to win a game.